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So I heard from Nintendo last night. They didn't really give me any help in the e-mail but they said that with the nature of my problem I should call them. Seeing as I figured out the problem on my own I'm not gonna bother, but when I do the survey stuff I'm gonna tell them I'm not getting retail games via download any more, and that they should make things clearer. I did find it interesting that in the email they sent me they said they have been getting quite a few complaints or what ever lately, so maybe other people are having nasty hic-ups. Any ways things have been worked out life goes on and now I can focus on other stuff, like taking new commissions in the next month.


So I'm feeling a bit foolish right now, but I feel like I need to point out my mistake.

See I was under the impression that the Smash Bros game wouldn't download until the 21st when the game is actually out. So when I checked my WiiU's memory I didn't know that it was downloading some thing related to Smash Bros already, so that big chunk of my WiiU's memory that I couldn't seem to use was that download. When the download was finished it was 11 GB and I had 13 GB free after the download was finished.

So yeah I made a mistake, I did need to clear some room but not as much as I thought. If some one at Nintendo sees my complaint and then cancels my order I don't think I will be to heart broken by the whole thing though.

I think on some level I don't actually want smash bros, because I have felt so disappointed in the 3DS version. So if Nintendo did cancel my order and put the money in my eshop account I would be ok with that.

I also think maybe I'm feeling a little burnt out on video games and other things. I feel like I have been dealing with every thing on a "NOW NOW NOW" sort of speed and its starting to affect me. So I think starting now I'm not gonna play any video games, except for maybe animal crossing" for the next week. I think I will spend that time just relaxing

-Original Post-

So this might be a little ranty but I just need to get this out so that I don't dwell on it.

I got this idea today that I would pre-purchase Super Smash Bros WiiU through the E-Shop and then I would use the points I would get from the purchase to pay for the MK8 DLC. Here comes the bad part, I paid for the game and saw it was 15 GB so when I saw I didnt have the memory right now to download it I started clearing off all the games I hadnt played for awhile and.... I only had 12 GB of free space. So I went and I started deleting save files from games that I knew I didn't need any more or i knew was fun to replay, and I still only had 12 GB. I went into the Wii part and moved all my downloaded games to a big SD card that I have, and I still only have 12 GB.

No matter what I did I couldn't make enough free space for Smash Bros. I also cant afford to buy an HDD just to use with my WiiU. I realize it's my fault for not doing the proper prep before buying it. From what I understand I can cancel the order, though I cant seem to figure out how to do it through the Eshop, but I cant get my money refunded. I contacted Nintendo asking them to cancel the order, so hopefully I wont be stuck with a game that I cant play.

Ok venting done, unless some thing goes wrong, but there is time for me to figure this out
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